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Welcome to the web presence of Renal Remission & Hypertension Consultants, PLLC. Our offices are located just outside Seattle in Bremerton, Washington, USA.

Our Mission

In renal disease: Achieve renal remission and prevent cardiovascular events, employing state-of-the-art care for people with kidney diseases.

In hypertension: Achieve optimal blood pressure control and prevent cardiovascular events in patients with difficult-to-control and high-risk hypertension using individually optimized medication regimens and lifestyle modifications.

In atherosclerosis regression: Add quality years to our patients' lives by using our experience and expertise in the field and engaging patients to be active players of our team.

“Not that we all live up to the highest ideals, far from it—we are only men. But we have ideals, which mean much, and they are realizable, which means more.”
—Sir William Osler

Contact Information

Electronic mail


Silverdale Office

US 360-613-0600
US 360-613-0603
Postal address
2021 NW Myhre Road, Suite 220
Silverdale, WA 98383-8562

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